122 – Running at a Good and Healthy Pace for a Long Distance

Setting and maintaining the right pace is critical to your spiritual, emotional, intellectual, and physical health. In this episode we discuss running at a healthy pace. Look around. Re-set your pace. Look at the distance. Look at the season. Take a moment to consider the strategy of your pace. 

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121 – Lessons From the Great Adventure: It’s Mostly About YOUR Transformation

The lesson and the miracle of your great adventure is the transformation God works in YOU on the journey. I’m not even sure the most important thing is getting to the top of the mountain. I think the most important thing is experiencing God’s love and learning to accept and embrace his love and confidence in us, and learning to let the results of our great adventure to rest ultimately in the hand of God…and to be at peace with that.

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120 – Lessons From the Great Adventure: The “Push” Solidifies Your Resolve

When you get to a tough place you have to push, but the push is important because it builds a necessary resolve within you. “Pushing” through the hard places solidifies your resolve to fulfill your mission. In this episode of the podcast we discuss one of the greatest lessons we’ve learned on our great adventure… the importance of having to push.

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