070 – Our Transition, Letting Go, and “Losing” Our Identity

This week was a huge transition for us. We’ve contemplated a major transition for a couple of years and planning it for several months and we just crossed the threshold of exiting the safe and secure roles we’ve held for a long time so we can pursue our great adventure in earnest.

In this episode David and Donna have a discussion about how the transition feels, letting go of what is behind, facing the challenges of letting go of a well established “identity,” and candidly discussing the things ahead.

This is an episode of reflection of recent transitional events in David and Donna’s life and leadership, so there are no episode notes. Tune in next week for a more structured episode complete with notes or check out some of our previous podcasts on this blog site.

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069 – A Blueprint for God’s Will for Your Life

If only God included a blueprint design for our lives when we were born so the design could be meticulously followed. One of the greatest concerns for Christ followers and spiritual leaders is being faithful to the will of God for our lives, but it can seem so nebulous. God has hardwired a blueprint into your life. It is revealed though listening to his heartbeat, observing the passions emerging within us, paying attention to the paths of our lives, and established through our actions, habits and practices.

In this episode, and in the notes that follow, we discuss the blueprint God has provided us that we may faithfully follow his design for our lives.

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066 – Overcoming Life Overload: Minding Your Margin

Calibrating our lives so we can live joyful, healthy, and effective lives requires having sufficient margin in our lives and schedules. Margin is the blank space left around the edge of a document that give it order. Margin is also the blank spaces we leave in our lives and on our schedules to accommodate the unexpected. When we structure our lives to close to the “edges” we risk overload. A joyful life always has margin.

In this episode of the Calibrate Life Podcast, David and Donna talk about the importance of adding and keeping margin in our lives, and some things to consider in managing the margin in our schedules and in our lives.

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