053 — How Accountability Can Prevent Devastation in the Lives of Those You Love and Lead

Accountability in Community

When I was 11 and 12 years old, David Turpin was one of my best friends. How do two little guys have similar families, similar experiences, similar beliefs, grow up in the same town, and end up in such different places? Accountability in the context of community is so vitally important. In this episode we talk about the importance of accountability and staying intimately connected to the people you love and lead.

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020 – Why Accountability May be the Key to Changing Your life

Accountability is Necessary for Transformation

Why Accountability May be the Key to Changing Your Life

Accountability really is a key to changing your life. When we are ready to give an answer for our actions and when we assure that accountable structures exist in our lives we are far more likely to accomplish the life change we desire and to be the change in the world that we want to see. Leaders do not live life in a vacuum, a lot of people count on us, and we have a responsibility to be accountable for our actions, both for the things we do and the things we fail to do. Coaching, mentoring, teaching, and leadership are all dependent upon accountability.

In this episode of the Calibrate Life Podcast, David and Donna discuss the importance of accountability and how to incorporate it in our lives for life and leadership effectiveness. Continue reading for the time-stamped episode notes, links, and resources.

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