060 – Discover Your Purpose at the Intersection of Passion, Proficiency, & Pain

How to Discover Your Purpose

Discover your purpose and the value you are to contribute to the world. In this episode we discuss your purpose zone discovered at the intersection of passion, proficiency, and the pain in the world you are compelled to resolve. 

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059 – Is Your “Why” Bigger than the Lions: Overcoming Obstacles

What is Your Why?

What’s your “why?” What motivates you enough to face the lions in your way? Your “why” motivates you to push through the obstacles? Do you ever get tired of pressing through one obstacle after another? The obstacles are like lions standing between us and our mission. It takes a lot of motivation to push past lions. You must have a “why” big enough to overcome the lions.

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031 – How Will I Know When Its Time to Quit?

Four Seasons for Pursuing Your Passion

What do you do when you are in a life season when your dreams, anointing, and strength zones are disconnected from your job or assignment? If you cannot engage you passions and strength zones should you quit? How do you know when its time to change jobs or locations? We explore four necessary seasons of life. In some seasons you keep pressing through and in other seasons its time to go forward, change your situation, and focus on your strengths. We will explore this journey in this episode of Calibrate Life.

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