023 – Beating the Imposter Syndrome

Squashing Fear and Stepping into Our Gifts

Sometimes we fail to do the things in our heart, to really go for it, or to even start, because of the who-do-you-think-you-are mentality. Fear may hold us back from putting ourselves out there and creating the things we not only feel that we should create, but the things we must create. This is a common struggle and one that must be overcome before we can accomplish the important things we are called to do and reach for the next level in our lives. This is about pressing forward to pursue mission critical advancements. In this episode, David and Donna take a few pages from their own lives the transparently share the battles they’ve faced, and continue to face in confidently creating the things in their hearts.

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Stop Overthinking and Finish!

The Best Pie Crust is Rolled Once

You had a revelation. You wrote it down. You were excited. Then perfectionism and the fear of criticism caused you to edit it down until it lost its unique value.

Instead of the valuable gem you started with, you were left with an idea stripped of its power, or worse, you gave up and never executed.

I am not a baker, but Donna is. She makes apple pies better than anyone else. She tells me that you can only roll pie crust out once. If you keep mixing the scraps together and keep rolling the dough out again and again it will get tough. Her rule, roll the dough out once and only once.

Sometimes I write a great thought, an inspired thought, and then my perfectionism and desire to avoid criticism causes me to knead out the most salient points. Instead of a meaningful, appropriately transparent, and flaky and tasty crust, I produce a tough and chewy read or talk that has half the value of the first raw draft.

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