051 – Focus on these Seven Things to Discover Your Unique Path

Focus on these things to discover your unique path

Sometimes the pieces and parts of our lives seem so random, but what if they actually do fit together? What if those pieces are orchestrated components that, when taken together, give us insight into God’s path for our lives? What are those seemingly random pieces upon which we must focus? Calibrate Life is about aligning the pieces of our lives to gain movement into God’s desired future. There are at least seven pieces of our lives that may fit uniquely together to give us a clue or a certainty of the directions we are to take. In this episode of CalibrateLife, David and Donna talk about 7 pieces that often fit together to cause our unique path to clearly emerge.

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050 – Listen, Focus, and Go!

It's Time to Get Some Forward Movement with Your Vision

Listen Focus Go

If you’ve been thinking about doing something for a long time, now is the time to look at the actions you need to connect to your dreaming. You have more visions floating around in your head than you will ever accomplish. This is the time to focus all of the pieces and settle on the ONE direction you will go. You cannot do everything you want to do… but you can (within parameters) do anything you want to do if you focus on a singular objective. In accomplishing our mission we must first listen, then focus, and then GO!

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047 – Getting Outside the Box

Breaking the Pull of the Status Quo

Getting Outside the Box

The things we’ve always done won’t get us to a place we’ve never been. We have to think outside the box, but the problem is the box is magnetic, we are by default pulled back into the status quo, old and comfortable thinking patterns. What do you do when you feel called to something outside the “box”, and you are not even sure what it is, you just know it’s not in the “box?” How do we break free from the pull of the box and soar into orbit. David and Donna talk about the fuel necessary to break out of the box. Sometimes getting “outside the box” requires new frameworks, new paradigms, new learning. Getting “outside the box” will require new learning and preparation.

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