072 – Living and Leading a Legacy Life

We want to live a legacy life and lead from a legacy mentality. This means living and leading in such a way as to lay foundations for buildings others will build, cutting paths fo others walk, and making investments for the next generation to spend. In this episode, David and Donna talk about the motivation of legacy leadership and the desire to “mature” rather than just get old and the “right now” life necessary to aim toward getting “better” instead of “bitter.”

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055 – Our Great Adventure Continues: We Are Stepping Into a New Chapter of Life

We’ve been talking a lot about living the great adventure, taking risks, stepping out in faith, living a joyful life, following your passions, etc. Well, we are leaving our present assignments and stepping out into an exciting future. This episode is about our journey and the reasons for our decision, but we do hope and believe that you will be encouraged by some of the things we’ve learned as we’ve made this monumental big leap.

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041 – Embrace the Tunnels: Braving Dark Places on the Journey

Sometimes we press through tunnels because we know joy awaits on the other side. We face a lot of tunnels on the journey of “pressing beyond the tough stuff.” The commitment to living a joyful life is about pressing through the tunnels because we have FAITH and a CONFIDENCE that we will meet joy on the other side of the tunnel. … and besides… tunnels are an adventure in and of themselves!

In this episode of the CalibrateLife Podcast we talk about tunnels as the necessary work of pressing through the difficult places in order to experience the inevitable joy of “the other side.”

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