033 – Fire Up Your Passions: Motivation Energizers and Killers

Motivators Part 2

Passion is a motivator. Passion joyfully pushes us to the limits of our own ability and beyond. Passion stirs something in us that causes us to reach for things that are bigger than we are and a little higher than we can reach. What evokes passion in you? What stirs you up and motivates you to excellence and beyond? In this episode we discuss the things that get us going, the things that kill our motivation, and how to focus and refocus on our passions to ignite our motivation.

Last week we talked about how to get a lost motivation back. This week we continue the discussion by simply and practically discussing how we get moving and stay moving. A lot of things motivate us and push us forward, so how can we really lock in and lay hold of the things that propel us forward?

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8 Filters I Use to Determine the Content I Allow to Influence Me

Anchoring in the Heartbeat of the Father

I’ve been reading a lot of blogs, articles, books, the latest and greatest you-should-do-this or buy-this resources, and listening to a lot of podcasts, in fact I regularly throw my own stuff in the mix… yep, I own it, I am a blogger, I am a podcaster, I am a writer, I have a lot of things in my heart and my head and I have joined the ranks.

I love to read what other people are thinking, but more than that, I love to read insights from people who have an obvious relationship with God and have a few scars to prove they’ve remained faithful through some tough stuff.

This past week, I’ve been thinking a lot about who I will and should listen to, who I will read, and who I will take advice from. Hey, I’ve learned incredible things from the most unlikely sources, many of them secular. It irks me just a little that sometimes it seems more wisdom flows from “secular” authors than from Christ-following writers and leaders. After all, God is the source of the most excellent wisdom.

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