037 – Should We Aspire to Live a Prosperous Life?

...and how do we do it?

Are we supposed to prosper? We sometimes feel guilty when we prosper, or worse, we feel we are unworthy to be successful at the things to which we put our hands. We appreciate the role of adversity in shaping character, but we must also live in the confidence that we can succeed and be prosperous in the things God puts in our hearts.

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034 – Where Do You Get the Money to Accomplish Your Vision?

Wouldn’t it be nice if we just dreamed the dreams and God, or someone, just took all of the responsibility for financing our vision, our great adventure? Everything we want to do in life has to be resourced. Things we dream about, the vision we have for our family and relationships, even the things we sincerely want to do for God. How do we get the resources to do the things in our hearts to do? We discuss how resources are an indicator of the paths we should choose, and what to do if we just don’t have the resources we need to accomplish the things we want to accomplish.

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