056 — Overcoming the Anxiety from Your Leap of Faith

Every major life change is accompanied by chaos and anxiety. How can you manage the chaos, stress, and anxiety that comes with exciting new adventures or with the change of unexpected or undesired changes or tragedies? Even in our day to day lives just simply trying to accomplish something of significance, chaos and stress are a part of the equation. Why is that and how can we manage the chaos and anxiety and stay focused on joyful living?

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007 – Calibrating our Physical Fitness: Managing Stress and Anxiety Through Exercise

In this episode, David and Donna consider the calibration of our physical lives, the importance of exercise in managing stress and anxiety, and how it is important to maintaining energy levels necessary to fulfill long-range vision. Modeling physical fitness is an important part of spiritual leadership, and this episode will give you practical pointers for both lifting your level and that of those you love and lead.

Exercise continues to be an important component of David and Donna’s life journey toward wholeness and living the joyful life.

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