042 – The Importance of Positive Self-Talk to the Joyful Life

The things we say to ourselves, our self-talk, will effect what we attempt and accomplish in life. If your self-talk is negative, you won’t even try great things. If your self-talk is positive and sane, you will accomplish much in your life and for the Kingdom of God. In this episode, we explore why positive self-talk has such an affect upon our lives and some calibration tools to help us stay on the positive track.

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Your Words Are Imperfect and Inadequate – Write Them Anyway

Communicating the Heart of a Prophetic Vision

I’ve always had a lot of unique thoughts, and I’ve written millions of words in my lifetime. In fact, I’ve written almost a million words in my journal since 2012. I’ve only published a fraction of those words, which is a good thing, but I should have published a lot more of them.

One of the things that has kept me from publishing more of my work is the feeling that I need to know more before I publish something. I am a thinker and I usually feel my thoughts on a matter need to mature more before I make them public. I often hesitate because I may later discover I was wrong, I may change my mind, or someone may call me out and prove me wrong, at least in their mind?

I have to write anyway. I have to express the prophetic revelation as I see it, the revelation as it was given me. My revelations, like everyone else’s, are imperfect because we look as though through a veil or a darkened glass. What we see in our humanity is but a fraction of reality and truth. The only revelation I have is what I see, the one I’ve been graciously given.

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006 – Cultivating Right Thinking and Leading Out of a Positive Mindset

We have to have right and positive thinking before we can live, lead, and love the way God intended. In this episode of the Calibrate Life Podcast, David and Donna talk about calibrating our thinking to lift ourselves and to coach and mentor those we love and lead. If you think negatively, you will get negative results, but if you cultivate right thinking, you will realize God-possibilities.

Neither of us subscribe to a “positive thinking” theology, but neither do we anchor in a negative theology. Our thinking has to be positively calibrated before we can pursue a life of joy and live, lead, and love the way God intended. When we embrace reality from a positive perspective, it calibrates us for a powerful life and ministry.

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