img_2750Welcome to Calibrate360! We are David and Donna Delp and we have a passion for those who pour their lives into others; especially spiritual leaders who want to make a difference in the lives of others. We develop resources out of the experiences of lives well lived, including losses and difficulties, to help leaders live healthy lives spiritually, emotionally, intellectually, and physically.
David and Donna serve leaders in both the U.S. and in Africa. They serve as missionaries with Assemblies of God World Missions in developing leaders across the continent of Africa through various initiatives. David has been a pastor, executive pastor, has served the Indiana Assemblies of God as the Executive Director of Leadership Development. He is a writer/resourcer, a life and leadership coach/mentor, an organizational consultant, a husband, dad, friend, and a follower of Jesus Christ. Donna is a leadership partner with Calibrate360, a coach and mentor, a  wife, mom, and formerly a childrens’ minister, radio co-host, and most recently a community liaison officer with the U.S. State Department, Foreign Services.

Our Journey

jx5a0291Our journey is not unique, but it has shaped us into the people we are and has motivated us to spend “part two” of our lives investing in the things most important to us. We married in the fall of 2014. Both of us lost our spouses under sudden and tragic circumstances each after over 30 years of marriage. Our faith sustained us, we found each other, and we started a new life built upon the foundation of our previous lives.
Our journey has clarified what is important in life, and what isn’t.
Our journey continues to change us and is refining our life experiences into pure gold, tried and tested in the fires of adversity. Calibrate360 and The Calibrate Life Podcast, are vehicles to speak transformation in the lives of others, helping them live healthier as leaders, but to also effectively coach and mentor the people in their lives.

DSC_0474The Mission of Calibrate360

Calibration is alignment for transformational effectiveness. It is tweaking and polishing the important components of our lives so we can efficiently and effectively go to the next level. The “360” of Calibrate 360 is about the components (spiritual, emotional, intellectual, and physical) and relationships in our lives. As transformational leaders, we pursue transformation in our own lives so we can influence transformation in others. We need the tools necessary to invest in and influence the relationships in our lives. Calibrate360 seeks to provide some critical tools for your tool box.

Calibrate360 focuses upon giving leaders the tools they need to be healthy themselves and to coach and mentor (disciple) key leaders, followers, and others within their sphere of influence. 

Transformational leadership must include teaching, mentoring, coaching, and releasing—and it must be leadership by example and through relationship. Calibrate360 will give you the coaching and mentoring tools you need to be a healthy transformational leader.

Calibrate Life Podcast, Co-Hosted by David and Donna

The Calibrate Life Podcast, a podcast co-hosted by David and Donna releases new episodes every Thursday.  (DV)

The Calibrate Life Podcast focuses providing life calibration for joyfully Living, Leading, and Loving Beyond the Tough Stuff. It is designed to help leaders lift those they lead and love

David and Donna have a passion for helping people live healthy lives in spirit, soul, and body, even in the face of loss, challenges, and difficulties.

Calibrate Life is available here at Calibrate360, Apple Podcasts (iTunes), Stitcher, and most any other podcast player.