Life calibration is necessary for living, leading, and loving with joy. In this episode, David and Donna discuss the importance of life calibration and how to calibrate360.

David and Donna are launching the Calibrate Life leadership podcast. In this very first episode we will explore the life calibration necessary for pressing beyond the tough stuff and experiencing the joy of living, leading, and loving.

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In this episode we dive into the topic of calibration. The weekly podcast will explore various topics related to life calibration and lifting those you lead and love. This week we focus on the flagship title of life calibration.

Following are the episode notes for the audio podcast:

Pressing Beyond the Tough Stuff and Experiencing the joy of Living, Leading, and Loving. [1:20]
  • Our Story and its relevance to Calibrate Life. [1:50]
  • A Commitment to Live a Joyful Life. [3:00]
  • David and Donna’s Story and the need for Recalibration. [4:00]

Incorporating the Tough Stuff into Our Leadership. [7:00]

  • There are summits we could not have climbed had we not experienced the hard things along the way. [8:00]
  •  Leadership is always two parts, leading yourself and leading the people in your life. ([8:36])
Calibration … What is it and why is it important? [9:25]
  •  I must calibrate everyday. It is both an annoyance and a joy. [12:55]
  •  Calibration is about aligning with pre-determined parameters. [13:20]
[shareable]Calibration is about aligning with pre-determined parameters. [/shareable]
The Areas in our lives that require calibration. How do we calibrate? [13:50]
[callout]When parameters change you have to recalibrate, every time.[/callout]
  • When parameters change you have to recalibrate, every time. [14:30]
  • When you change course or direction you have to recalibrate yourself and your team to assure you are all on the same page.
We must calibrate to live a joyful life and to lift those we love and lead. [15:48]
  • What does calibration look like for you. [16:00]
  • Teaching those we lead how to calibrate is more important than teaching them skill sets. [16:42]
  • We Calibrate in Layers: Daily, Weekly, Annually, Sabbatical [17:30]
  • Get up early and have a morning quiet time. [17:30]

[callout]Teaching those we lead how to calibrate is more important than teaching them skill sets.[/callout]

Recommended Resource Link: The Return of the Prodigal by Henri Nouwen.

Listening to the Heartbeat of God (Calibration) [19:18]

… speak from eternity in time (2 Corinthians [4:16]-18)
… speak from the lasting joy into the passing realities of our existence in this world.
… speak from the house of love into the house of fear
… speak from God’s abode into the dwellings of human beings
  • God speaks to us from where he lives into where we live ([27:00])
  • Listening During our Prayer/Quiet Times  [20:48]
From our calibration what do we speak into the lives of those we lead [22:50] 
  • The enormity of our vocation. [28:16]
  • Listen. Focus. Go. (My mission) [28:12]
  • Listen to the heartbeat of God
  • Focus upon what he is saying
  • Go, take action from what you’ve heard.
  • The Prophetic Vision — speaking what God has revealed. [29:00]
 Calibrate Your Life in Layers [30:00]
  • Daily Calibration
  • Weekly Refocus
  • Annual Rebooting
  • Sabbatical Clearing and Listening
The Four Areas in Which We need to Calibrate. [30:40] 
… Spiritual
… Emotional
… Intellectual
… Physical
  •  Are We Modeling These Things As Leaders? [31:55]
  • Holding Accountable the People you Lead and Love [33:00]
[callout]Everything Affects Everything ([32:00])[/callout]
Calibration Tools [33:38]
 Our Commitment to Provide Calibration Tools:
  1. Tools to Calibrate YOUR life
  2. Tools to Help you Lift those you Love and Lead
  3. Tools to help you press beyond the tough stuff and experience the joy of living, leading, and loving.

 Use These Questions / Tools to Think About Life Calibration

  • What are your calibration routines? Daily, Weekly, Annually?
  • List some of your calibration routines in each of these layers.
  • Draw four boxes and take a few moments to list how you calibrate in each of these four areas in your life… (example sketched below)
  • Use this tool with your team.
  •  What are the things you model to your followers?
  • How do you intentionally encourage those you lead and love in those areas? How should you?
  •  Ask those you lead and love how they Calibrate360.