In this episode, David and Donna consider the calibration of our physical lives, the importance of exercise in managing stress and anxiety, and how it is important to maintaining energy levels necessary to fulfill long-range vision. Modeling physical fitness is an important part of spiritual leadership, and this episode will give you practical pointers for both lifting your level and that of those you love and lead.

Exercise continues to be an important component of David and Donna’s life journey toward wholeness and living the joyful life.

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In Today’s Episode:

… Why is Physical Fitness Important
…Five Reasons Why We Should Give attention to our Physical Fitness
… Practically Speaking, how do we take ACTION toward Fitness?
… How do we lift those we lead and love in the area of Physical Fitness?

Physical fitness is so important [1:40]

  • Calibrate Life
  • Spiritual, Emotional, Mental, Physical –This podcast is about calibration. It is about fine tuning the four major areas of our lives so they are synced together and with God’s plan for our lives. [2:15]
  • We have to be calibrated in all four areas [2:30]
  • We give emphasis sometimes to one over the other, but we have to focus on all four of these things to live an calibrated life
  • To live a joyful life… Pressing beyond the tough stuff and experiencing the JOY of Living, Leading, and Loving… Joy is a state of living, and (as we talked about in episode (?) our health and paying attention to our health is an important part of this.
Some of our listeners may feel that spirituality is more important than the physical aspects of our lives, but it isn’t a matter of which is most important, it is a matter of calibrating and investing into our lives in such a way that the major components of our lives are intentionally aligned. I (David) DO spend far more time on the spiritual than the physical. It is my job and my life. But without attention to the physical I am out of balance and something is going to suffer for it in the long haul. [2:50]
Q: Why is the physical part one of the hardest to calibrate? [3:56]
 A: Because it is a matter of long-term discipline. Have you ever asked God to help you lose weight? He does help us, but by the disciplined resolve to daily, over the long haul, to DO what we need to do. Food is instant gratification and fitness is a long-term, no bending commitment.  [4:00]
We must give attention to calibrating every major area of our lives. When we lack discipline in any of the major areas of our live there are long-term consequences. With the physical a lack of discipline plays out in a very tangible and noticeable way. [5:36]

2 reasons I made a commitment to physical fitness. [6:30]

  1. I wanted to live a life with enough energy to fulfill my long-term vision.
  2. To manage my emotions and anxiety during the grief process.
David’s Story… [6:30]
On my 40th birthday I prayed and fasted for 3 days for a 40 year vision. I felt God said to me that he had a 40 year plan for my life, but if I did not take care of my body I would not have the energy to fulfill it or live long enough.
One of the things that saved my life living through the grief process was physical exercise. I needed to get back in shape, but I knew I had to do so for my emotional state. I’m not a fitness expert, but I knew I could temper and control my emotions through working out. I started running and working out three days a week. I dropped 50 pounds, but more importantly I found a healthy way to manage emotions. Working out lowered my anxiety levels.
Exercise and fitness has helped me in many ways. It is a determination to live a healthy life that motivates me. Here are some of the benefits I’ve discovered. (By the way, I’m not a fitness expert, I’m a fitness practitioner, and these are things I’ve observed and discovered on my own.)
Donna’s story…  [9:24]
I had major amounts of anxiety when I lost my spouse. While I’ve always given attention to physical fitness, I started going to a fitness center and worked with a trainer. I could not think clearly and working out gave me clarity of thought and lowered my anxiety levels.
I gave attention to physical fitness for years before my loss. We had significant health concerns on both sides of our family, and I knew that if I did not model physical fitness to our kids, they could have problems down the road, so I made a commitment to this early on.  
There are a lot of scientific research and studies that support the fact that exercise reduces anxiety. [10:28]

Five Reasons Why We Should Give attention to our Physical Fitness [11:00]

  • Having energy to be high capacity: It seems counter-intuitive, but when we exercise we have MORE energy. [11:14]
  • Lowering anxiety and managing stress (Harvard Study) [12:29]
    • Helps us think more clearly
    • Helps us sleep better
    • Improves memory [13:10]
  • Visional Fulfillment: Staying healthy to reach long-term visional goals. If I have a 30 or 40 year vision, then I need to do what I need to do now so I will have the energy later in life. I cannot control when I will die, but I can manage my physical condition. [15:14]
  • Stewardship: Stewardship is about managing well the gifts God has given us. This means that our stewardship over our physical bodies is a very spiritual matter. [16:30]
  • Models important lifestyle practices as a leader. Our followers will emulate what we model. [19:52]

Physical Fitness is an important part of our spirituality. [14:45]

If I die early I want it to be for a reason beyond my control, I don’t want it to be because I was a poor steward of my physical body. We are ONLY accountable to steward/manage the things we have been given. [16:30]

Okay.. Practically Speaking, what are some things we can take ACTION on? [20:56]

We are not doctors, and every one is unique in their abilities. There are a few things the help us in our context. Cardio and sustaining heart rate is important. Utilize things you enjoy for your exercise routine. So, what do you enjoy that could be a good exercise routine. The important thing is being active rather than sedentary. 
  • Find something you enjoy and use it as your workout routine. [24:10]
  • To be successful with a fitness regiment you must have a time and a place / What is your time and what is your place? [25:18]
  • Be realistic and make a commitment that you can sustain. [27:26]
  • Fitness has to fit you. With fitness we have to do it in a way that fits the other parts of your LIFE, with your schedule, your circumstances.  [27:55]
  • Maturity levels … we have different seasons and we need to use other methods. [28:45]
  • Accountability. When we are accountable we are more consistent. [29:30]
  • How can you incorporate it into your life… sometimes you have to make room for things, sometimes you have to see where it fits in to existing structure. Sometimes you have to change your structure. [30:49]
Story: Sometimes we have to make cataclysmic change. We have to make commitments and hard choices. You cannot opt out because you don’t have time. [31:14]
ENCOURAGEMENT… you can do this, you may start and fail… but the only one who loses is the one who quits. [33:22]

How do we lift those we love and lead: Coaching and Mentoring Aspect. [33:50]

LIFTING those you love and lead…
Our network leader models fitness… he does it, he posts about it on Facebook, he gives gift cards in public meetings, he applauds the efforts of those who are doing it to exalt it as desirable behavior. [34:30]
Use this episode and the episode notes to develop powerful questions you can present to those you coach and mentor. Help them consider the physical aspect in their lives and to design goals that will help them fulfill the levels necessary to sustain energy, maintain health, and prepare themselves to live a healthy future.
As it relates to our family and lifting those we love… We model to our kids with the food we eat and the commitment to fitness and it WILL affect their lives. It will either show them the way or give them something to overcome.

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