Equipping Africa’s Leaders… for the Advance of the Gospel

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Here’s Our Spring 2020 Video Update…

This update thanks our faithful partners and gives an update on where we are in this mission.

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Here’s our most recent personal update video…

We want to regularly post a “from the heart” kind of video to the page to keep our partners current. 

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God has diligently directed us to take what He has invested in us over the past 3 decades, and embrace our calling to lift, equip, and resource multiplying leaders across the continent of Africa. We will do this in three ways…

We will serve National Leadership and Pastors. We will partner with national leaders to help them fulfill their vision by lifting, equipping, resourcing, and training pastors.

We will partner with Urban Tribes. Africa is urbanizing at an astonishing rate. Urban Tribes is a continental initiative to plant churches in every major urban center in Africa.  We will serve church plant teams by lifting, resourcing, equipping and prayerfully strategizing with them to plant, develop and grow effective disciple-making, missionary-sending churches in Africa’s urban centers. 

We will serve Africa’s missionary leaders by facilitating, raising up, and resourcing a network of leaders committed to lifting and encouraging missionary leaders across the continent in the effective fulfillment of their vision and calling. We are also tasked with seeking and encouraging other experienced leaders to come to Africa, short or long term, and sow into Africa what God has invested in them. 

There’s no greater way for us to invest this season of our lives, and no soil more fertile into which you can sow seed.

When we each lost our spouse about 6 years ago, long before we knew each other, we individually began the most difficult journey of our lives. We were each in a season of life where most people put roots deep and finish strong. For us, we began part 2 of our lives. We could not have known the challenges or the joys of the journey, and you can learn more about our story on our about us pagebut its a new day which requires a new adventure and mission.

We are thankful for those things behind, but that which has happened to us has really served to advance the gospel… (Philippians [1:12]).

The difficult things that happen to all of us cost too much to waste, so for us, as we came to a place of wholeness we learned to trust God in new ways. This trust led us to a new mission and a new calling that would not have come unless the difficult things came first.

Visit our “about us” page for more info…

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Our Mission: Africa’s Need

The greatest challenge for missions on the continent of Africa is raising up and equipping multiplying leaders.

  • The population of Africa is just over 1 billion people. Those spiritually lost: 846 million.
  • Africa has 867 unreached people groups… we’ve only engaged 34 of those groups.
  • We have over 83,000 churches, over 86,000 ministers, and 357 missionaries. 50,000 of our pastors and ministers have insufficient training
  • In just 20 years, we’ve grown from 2.1 million constituents to 22.6 million.
  • Africa is the fastest urbanizing region in the world. By 2030 Africa will be 60% urban.


The Greatest Need

The church is growing at such an unprecedented rate, the continent is rapidly urbanizing, there are over 800 unreached people groups not yet engaged… we must have multiplying leaders. 

Discipleship is relationship intensive. Raising up, training, and releasing multiplying leaders is essential. This is not the work of one exceptional person or of a few, this is a generational work requiring a network of thousands. This is about networking, this is about missionaries raising up and sending out missionaries. This is about urban church plants reaching and sending to remote and closed parts of the continent. 

We will invest what’s been invested in us. We will seek others who will do the same… For Christ… and for Africa!

Here’s our most recent introduction video…

This video is a recent (March 2020) introduction to who we are and our mission. It is designed to introduce us to partners and potential partners. 

Visit our Vimeo Page for downloadable videos.

Other Videos

This video is “Our Story and Our Mission.” It includes both the story of our journey and an overview of our mission.

The “Our Mission” is a 4 minute video simply highlighting our mission in Africa.

And… here’s a fun little video that captures some of the FAQs of the mission. We did it back in the summer, but we like it so much we just wanted to leave it on the site!