Wouldn’t it be nice if we just dreamed the dreams and God, or someone, just took all of the responsibility for financing our vision, our great adventure? Everything we want to do in life has to be resourced. Things we dream about, the vision we have for our family and relationships, even the things we sincerely want to do for God. How do we get the resources to do the things in our hearts to do? We discuss how resources are an indicator of the paths we should choose, and what to do if we just don’t have the resources we need to accomplish the things we want to accomplish.

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Where Do You Get the Money to Accomplish Your Vision?

Some people consider it simply a resource and others call it “filthy lucre”, but though it really doesn’t seem a very spiritual thought, we really do need money to finance our dreams, our callings, and simply the good things we want to joyfully pursue. Relating to resources, we need to consider these four things.

  1. Your vision will most likely always outstrip your resources.
  2. A willingness to tackle the resource issue will always indicate your passion level for the vision.
  3. Having the resources we need to fund our vision will always depend upon us being good stewards.
  4. When we do not have the resources to fund our vision, certain key indicators are usually present (and we will discuss those!)

Your Vision Will Most Likely Always Outstrip Your Resources [9:15]

Whether it be a church, a business, or a personal mission, we should be able to dream far beyond our available resource. In fact, if your dreams do not exceed your present ability to pay for them, then you are probably not dreaming a God-dream, but rather a you-sized dream that does not take you into the realm of risk and faith.

Remember, the most exciting and joy evoking things in life, the greatest rewards, almost always require a risk or an action of faith. The challenge of life comes with dreaming the dream and then figuring out, with the provision of God, how to finance the dream.

A Willingness to Tackle the Resource Issue Will Always Indicate Your Passion Level for the Vision [11:13]

If you are unwilling to address the funding or resourcing of a dream you have, then you aren’t very passionate about it. The measure of a passion is the willingness to sacrifice and become creative in obtaining it. If you deem a dream as not worth it “enough” to take risks and put yourself in stretch mode, then it isn’t in your heart as much as you’d like to think it is.

Having the Resources We Need to Fund Our Vision Will Always Depend Upon Us Being Good Stewards [15:39]

Jesus reminded those who wanted to become his followers the importance of counting the cost. He asked the question, “What man will set out to build a tower in his vineyard without first counting the cost.” Jesus alluded to the humiliation such a man would feel when unable to complete the tower. The tower would stand as a testimony to the man’s lack of wisdom and foresight.

Counting the cost is a matter of being a good steward. Before we set out on a great mission we ought to count the cost. Reality is, from time to time we are going to attempt something really big and fail. That’s how we learn. It is, however, incumbent upon us to manage what we have well, to be faithful in what we have, that we may sincerely trust God for the increase needed to resource our dreams and visions.

When We Do Not Have the Resources to Fund our Vision, Certain Key Indicators are Usually Present [19:32]

To hear a discussion of this point click this time stamp: [19:32]

If resources are an indicator, and they are not there how do you know when to quit or press forward?

  1. When you are relying on your own strength and power rather than on God for the resource. This can be revealed through incurring debt and getting deeper and deeper in a hole.
  2. When the vision cannot come to a place of sustaining itself.
  3. When you are alone, you should think about that because a compelling vision always enlists others.

It’s gotta be a God idea not just a good idea. How do you know? A passion that arises from the Presence of God.

Calibration Points… Calibrating Our Lives and Lifting Those We Love and Lead [32:42]

  1. What is the vision you are pursuing? What are the resources necessary to do what you feel you are called to do? Identify the necessary resources.
  2. If resources are not adequate for what you feel called to do, what needs to change? Does the passionate vision need to change or does the resource stream need to change?
  3. What does your resource stream tell you about what you are called to do in this season of life?


You have to have resources, both in the spiritual dimension and the physical dimension to accomplish your calling.

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