065 – Shape the Situation to Who You Are… Not Who You Are to the Situation

When we step into a predefined role, we sometimes allow it to strip away our uniqueness. We have to remember God’s design for our life includes who he made us to be. Rather than shaping ourselves to meet expectations, we need to consider how we function best, our gifts, our strengths, and our values. How do we faithfully execute our role or position without sacrificing the unique design God has for us?

As we transition from one season of life to the next, a successor will take the reigns I’ve held for a long time. I expect my successor to change a lot, to make the role uniquely their own, and allow God’s unique design of who they are to lift every thing to the next level. If God intended a change for our lives, then he intends a change for the role I’ve fulfilled for two decades. Yes, my successor will do a better job than I could have done moving forward because it is God’s plan to put someone else in that seat to accomplish things that only that person can… and that is a very good thing.

In this episode of the Calibrate Life Podcast, David and Donna discuss shaping our situations to who we are and not discarding who we are in trying to rise to the situation.

Shape the Situation to Who You Are… Not Who You Are to the Situation

How do we grow into the places where God places us? We always grow and change in new situations, but we are not to discard our unique design, because who we are is divinely important to our assignment. Here are some thoughts on making our roles and positions fit us more than us shaping to the situation.

#1 Get outside the Box

An appointed or elected position is a defined box. You have to be courageous enough to get outside the definition and make it your own.

#2 Be Relational

An appointed or elected position sets you up for positional leadership. Sometimes we must lead out of position, but relational leadership is much more effective. Relationships are built out of who we are and whether you have the position or not, transformational leadership flows out of relationship.

#3 Focus on Being Rather than Doing

An appointed or elected position has definition and parameters, it is a list of tasks. Focus on being who you are in Christ and let that define how you will accomplish the tasks. One step further, let who you are define the tasks you will focus on and those you will neglect.

#4 Build on Your Strengths, Staff Your Weaknesses

An appointed or elected position requires certain things to be done, but you are not going to be good at all of them. Rejoice in who you are and the gifts God has given you, and build a team to complement who you are.

#5 Make Your Own Gloves, Create Your Own Armor

An appointed or elected position had a predecessor with gifts and systems. Don’t be intimidated. They made their own gloves that fit their hands, you do the same. Your predecessor left systems behind that fit them, make your own.

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