132 – Persistence is the Prerequisite to Victory

Persistence is necessary to the fulfillment of any mission. Talent, genius, education, and even spirituality is not enough in and of itself to be successful in your mission, the prize goes to the persistent. In this episode we talk about the necessity and the power of persistence. 

Persistence is the Prerequisite to Victory

Persistence is firm or obstinate continuance in a course of action in spite of difficulty or opposition (dictionary).

It occurred to me earlier this week that one thing is necessary to accomplish the mission before us… persistence. Some days I feel like it, most days I do not feel like it. Hard things are called hard things for a reason: They are hard to do. 

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130 – How Do You Know if An Open Door is the Right Door?

How do you know when an open door is the right door? Sometimes we have to wait so long and opportunities are so hard to come by that when we have an opportunity we feel we should seize it. In this episode we are discussing doors, when to walk through them and when to walk past them. 

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129 – Mission drift will take you places you don’t want to go, and how to avoid it

Mission drift is when you unintentionally broaden your focus and start moving toward things you you never intended to pursue, your life travels the path of least resistance, and you end up where you never planned or wanted to go. In this episode we explore mission drift and talk about a few ways to avoid it or get back on track when it is happening.


128 – Why it is Important to Model the Way

Spiritual leaders model the way. We model expectations and the pace for those we love and lead. In this episode we discuss 5 things we must model to those we love and lead. 

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127 – Being and Becoming a Transformational Servant Leader

Spiritual leadership is about being and becoming a transformational servant leader, following the example of Christ. Leadership isn’t just about leading, it is about serving and encouraging positive change and spiritual empowerment in the live of those we love and lead.

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126 – Ten Pointers for Dealing with Criticism

If our focus is trying to avoid dealing with criticism we will miss the mark and fail accomplish much of significance. We are going to get criticized often. In this episode we give 10 our our pointers for dealing with criticism.

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