062 – Be Still and Know

Be Still and Know

There is a time to take action and a time to wait, to be still and know God is God. Last week we talked about the necessity of being action takers, this week we talk about the equally important practice of being still, trusting, and allowing God to do those things that are his part, the things only He can do. 

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061 – Unless You Take Action, Your Dream is Worthless

Unless You Take Action Your Dreams are Worthless

You can’t just sit around waiting for God to do something for you when you should be taking action. Faith is believing enough in something that you are willing to step out, take a risk, and take action, believing for a good outcome. Dreams, visions, and goals are great things, but unless you put action plans in place they are worthless. In this episode we talk about taking action on the things in your heart.

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060 – Discover Your Purpose at the Intersection of Passion, Proficiency, & Pain

How to Discover Your Purpose

Discover your purpose and the value you are to contribute to the world. In this episode we discuss your purpose zone discovered at the intersection of passion, proficiency, and the pain in the world you are compelled to resolve. 

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