091 – Learning to Catch the Wind

We have to be strategic and we must seek divine strategy, but we have found, and are finding, that following the wind of the Spirit and catching God’s current isn’t about clarity for the entire journey, but it is finding the trust to start. In this week’s episode of the Calibrate Life Podcast, David and Donna talk about pushing out into the current.

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086 – Friends: Why You Need Friends, How to Find Friends, How to Make Friends, How to Keep Friends

Making Friends

We need friends. Life and leadership is about people. It is about relationships. You cannot be emotionally healthy in a vacuum. Most of us only have a few friends, people we can count on, people with whom we are doing life. In fact, if you have one or two, you are blessed. A lot of people don’t have any intimate friends. In this episode we explore the importance of friends in overcoming depression, how to find friends, make friends, and strengthen our connection to them.

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085 – Simplicity. Simply Communicating the Complex

simplicitySimplicity is making things simple and keeping things simple. When things get too complicated we lose track, we get bogged down, cluttered, and we don’t accomplish much. My problem is that complicated things fascinate me. We’ve got to stay committed to moving complexity into simplicity, finding the simple truths in things, and keeping the main thing the main thing.

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084 – Significance, Is It Worth It and Does It Matter?


Significance is importance, we want to be important. Significance is being of consequence, mattering. Our existence and our presence being of consequence, mattering, making a difference. When we say we want to live a significant life, what we usually mean is we want our life to matter, we want the fact that we were here to change something, to be transformational in some way. We want our lives to have worth.

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079 – Making the Most of Time and Taking a “Long-Play” Attitude

Making the Most of Time

Quick wins are important, focusing on urgent projects is necessary, but to accomplish deep things, things of eternal significance, we’ve got to take a long view of things. We’ve all been given the same amount of time, but we can trust God to manage time according to his agenda. When we place all of our energy on the things we can accomplish over the short-term, we miss the value of the long-play.

In this episode we discuss how God is the master of time and we’ve got to be willing to take on things that will take a long time to build. To see transformation, to build an enduring work, and to fulfill our mission, we’ve got to take a long-view.

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078 – Encouraging Our Daughters to Lead: Interview with Kelly Delp

Encouraging Daughters to Lead

Raising daughters with a leadership call upon their lives requires seeing and responding to the path God is crafting in their lives. Honestly, we are a part of a tribe that theologically embraces women in ministry and leadership, but sometimes, in practice, we are more comfortable with traditional roles. As a Dad, I had a front row seat over a couple of decades of the struggles and challenges of a young women feeling a call to ministry in a world where men in lead pastor roles just makes some people more comfortable.

We took the opportunity to have a conversation with our daughter, Kelly Delp, who is a young single woman serving as the lead pastor of The Bridge International Church in Paris, France. We discussed our experiences during her developmental years and the challenges, but mostly the joys, of her journey toward God’s great adventure calling upon her life.

You can connect with Kelly at her blog, KellyDelp.com 

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