I’ve always had a lot of unique thoughts, and I’ve written millions of words in my lifetime. In fact, I’ve written almost a million words in my journal since 2012. I’ve only published a fraction of those words, which is a good thing, but I should have published a lot more of them.

One of the things that has kept me from publishing more of my work is the feeling that I need to know more before I publish something. I am a thinker and I usually feel my thoughts on a matter need to mature more before I make them public. I often hesitate because I may later discover I was wrong, I may change my mind, or someone may call me out and prove me wrong, at least in their mind?

I have to write anyway. I have to express the prophetic revelation as I see it, the revelation as it was given me. My revelations, like everyone else’s, are imperfect because we look as though through a veil or a darkened glass. What we see in our humanity is but a fraction of reality and truth. The only revelation I have is what I see, the one I’ve been graciously given.

I’ve had to come to grips with the reality that writing is not about the presentation of absolute and immutable facts, at least not the kind of writing I even want to do. Writing is exploring the contents of my heart. It is exposing the revelation of God stirring within me. It is the expression of deep and wonderful things I am quite certain I do not fully comprehend, things so wonderful I will never comprehend them to the degree I’d like.

My high school English teacher, as kind as she was, unintentionally taught me to write for grades. To be mechanically correct, which is admirable because you really shouldn’t break rules until you understand them. Rather than expression, writing was a chore. I am finally discovering 40+ years later that when I write, the words are mine. The aim is communication.

[shareable]You really shouldn’t break the rules until you understand them… after that, it’s negotiable.[/shareable]

My point: my view of the world is imperfect. My writing will be imperfect. I might change my mind. People may not agree with me. But my aim is thinking out loud, challenging assumptions, and helping people think in new ways.

I used to think I needed to write irrefutable things that everyone, at least those in my tribe, would agree with. I cannot do that. At times someone may feel a need to refute what I write. It is subjective, most of the time. That doesn’t make me wrong.

The Apostle Paul wrote to young Titus (chapter 1, verse 15) these words, “To the pure, all things are pure, but to the defiled and unbelieving, nothing is pure; but both their minds and their consciences are defiled. (ESV)” Because I am a man of pure heart, I seek to sincerely express the truth and revelation I receive. I am sincere in that I believe I am right, I believe I write the truth, my highest value when it comes to writing is desiring everything I write to be transformational in some way.

Transformation involves the passing away of old things and the establishment of new ways of being, thinking, and doing. If I write transformationally, someone, somewhere is going to resent the words challenging them to change a viewpoint, a way of living, a way of thinking.

[shareable]If I write transformationally, someone, somewhere is going to resent the words challenging them to change a viewpoint, a way of living, a way of thinking.[/shareable]

What gives me the right to write transformationally? What business is it of mine? I don’t know, except I see things in the unseen realm when I pray. With a pure heart, I believe they are gifts, they are gifts to me, but they are also gifts to those who are positioned to receive them.

This is the prophetic vision, to lay my head on the chest of the Father, listen to his heartbeat, and then to very carefully and gently say what I heard (Henri Nouwen, paraphrased).

I’ve discovered that some of the sermons I heard growing up were not entirely right. I’ve discovered that some of the things I’ve preached with a pure heart were not entirely right. It was not until my revelation matured through suffering that I could see more clearly. I know, beyond a doubt, that next month, next year, next decade I will look back and discover some of the things I am writing or speaking today are not entirely right. Will I regret that, do I regret that? No, not at all. I am writing about the journey. I am writing what I discover and what I make of it with a pure heart.

God reveals himself perfectly through the imperfect. The revelation is complete enough to bring transformation. We have everything we need for life and godliness. I believe that God sees to it that the critical and important parts of the revelation, those things that bring necessary transformation and salvation stay intact and effective. The parts relating to our journey, those things can be messy.

[shareable]God continually reveals his perfection through the imperfect.[/shareable]

My aim is not the delivery of research papers or irrefutable theses. My calling is sharing the revelation of the ongoing, awesome, beautiful, and desirable work of Abba Father in my life. To share his work in me. To share what I see and what I hear.

Will I ever be wrong? Maybe. But life is an awesome journey. With a pure and sincere heart, I’m going to keep writing what I hear and see. I believe it will be transformational, not for the value of my words, but because even in their imperfection, the words sovereignly stirred in my heart are transformational—for me, and I believe for many that hear or read them.

I think I will publish more often.