071 – How to Develop Leaders and Make Disciples

We’ve identified 4 stages or levels of leadership development: Inspiration, Ignition, Insight, and Implementation. These four areas focus upon spiritual life, developing the right passions, gaining the skills and tools necessary, and taking action. We must make a personal investment as leaders lifting leaders, but how do we do that and what is a good development path for growing a core leadership team? In this episode of Calibrate Life, David and Donna discuss these four stages of the path to developing leaders.

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Developing Core Leaders and Making Real Disciples

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Level One: The INSPIRATION Stage [12:51]

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We have to inspire people. How do you inspire? How do you “position” people to inspire them toward transformation ?

Level Two: The IGNITION Stage [19:25]

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This is the “Life Passion” zone. As leaders we must help people discover their passion zone and make the commitments that will lead them to their life purpose.

Level Three: The INSIGHT Stage [22:03]

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This is the “Life Development” Zone where the strategic design, knowledge, skills, and paths are forged.

Level Four: The IMPLEMENTATION Stage [27:50]

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This is where the actions, practices, and habits are executed and established. Implementation is the going, the doing, the action. We’ve not developed leaders or made disciples until we have implementors. Here’s the thing… we have to teach, mentor, coach, and release. 

Calibration Tools… Calibrating Your Life and Lifting Those You Love and Lead [33:39]

  1. INSPIRATION: Who are you “present” with and how do inspire the people you love and lead by moving them into the ambiance of the Presence of God, and how do you position yourself in their lives so you are also “present” with them?
  2. IGNITION: How are you inspiring passion in those you are lifting and leading? How do you motivate them in seeking and developing their passions, purposes, motivations, and commitments?
  3. INSIGHT: What are the strategies, skills, knowledge, and life development that need to occur in the lives of those you love and lead? How will you encourage, mentor, and/or coach them to the life development necessary for the fulfillment of the purposes of God in their lives?
  4. IMPLEMENTATION: What is the produce? Identify the metrics that tell you how successful you are as a leader lifting leaders?

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