Every relationship in our lives ought to be a transformational relationship; transformational for the person we invest in and transformational for us. Funny thing, when we invest in someone we cause transformation in them, but we are usually the ones who are changed.

Following are 4 necessary components for investing in people:

  1. Investing in others requires us to first invest in ourselves
  2. Investing in others lifts us
  3. Investing in others requires intentional mentoring/coaching
  4. investing in others is lifetime commitment and journey

For the last several years I’ve spent various weekends and a week in the summer at a cabin in the far southern hills of Illinois. It is my get-away place where I pray, meditate, journal, write, and just think in general. Through the years I’ve worked out a lot of issues and done a lot of vision architecture.

One of the features of The Cabin (as I fondly refer to it) is a small General Baptist Church (of which I am not personally a General or a Baptist) about a mile down a gravel road, called Rock Creek Church, established 1887. I started popping into the church on my visits, and of course they discovered I was a minister, so, I was invited to “take the pulpit” every single time I dropped in.


Coming to realize I would probably be asked to preach during my get-aways I would externally tell myself that I was at The Cabin to rest and reflect and not prepare a talk for a dozen old-timers at Rock Creek Church, est. 1887. Internally, I knew I was going to “take the pulpit” and I wanted to be prepared.

It was difficult at first for me to prepare. Most of the people were old, there was no population to speak of in the immediate area, and most of my speaking in others places focused on inspirational motivation and growth. It just didn’t seem to apply to anyone at Rock Creek Church–what was I to say.

Through the years I developed a relationship with the people. They are awesome people.

A few weeks ago I made what might well be my last visit to The Cabin and Rock Creek Church–not sure, but I suspect a chapter in my life is closing. It was a bit bittersweet.

After speaking at the church on that Sunday, the next evening Donna and I rode down to the church on the 4-wheeler to take one last look. My eyes teared up and I said to her, “You know, when I first started coming here I thought I was supposed to invest in the people of Rock Creek, but all along it was the people of Rock Creek who invested in me.” You see, during the time of the loss of my first spouse they showed me their concern. Every time I visited they showed me their unconditional love and friendship. Every time I visited The Cabin I had an awareness that I would be sharing my heart with them, and that made a difference in the way I studied and reflected during my down time.

Investing in others requires us to first invest in ourselves

Every relationship in our lives, especially the ones where we have a responsibility to invest, is an opportunity for our own transformation. In fact, I will go one step further and say that we will not experience personal transformation unless we are investing in others through relationship–seriously, we won’t!

At Calibrate360 our heart is helping leaders, especially spiritual leaders, make a difference in the lives of the people in their lives. Being a catalyst for transformation always begins with our own personal alignment, then speaking into the lives of others through the strength and insight we ourselves have gained and practiced.

We need to gain life alignment or CALIBRATION in five areas of our lives:

  1. Our spirituality,
  2. Our self-leadership,
  3. Our life-management,
  4. Our relationships,
  5. and in our purpose (vocation or calling)

These five areas are the focus of Calibrate360.com.

Investing in others lifts us

The heart of Calibration360 is devoted to leaders, especially spiritual leaders, who are passionate about investing in others. When we passionately invest in others we seek to stretch and better ourselves because we know it is through our own alignment we are able to lift others.

It’s all about people. The 360 of Calibrate360 is not only about aligning the 5 areas of our lives, but it is also about lifting and aligning at least 7 relationships in our lives:

  1. God
  2. Spouse
  3. Children
  4. Family
  5. Peers/Friends
  6. Team Members

Investing in others requires intentional mentoring/coaching

We must take the gift within us and invest it into others. We do this through reaching out, through mentoring, and through coaching. Mentoring and coaching takes a variety of forms but the outcomes likely result in transformation. Calibrate360 will always focus on giving you the tools you need to align and calibrate your own life, but will also give you the tools you need to invest into the lives of the most important relationships in your life.

Investing in others is a lifetime commitment and journey

We should seek to grow throughout our lives, not only for our own growth, but in a continued effort to deepen the investment we are able to make in others–causing life transformation. It is a journey that endures throughout our lives.

This is an a-typical post. These first few posts are foundational and written to give deeper insight into the heart of Calibrate360. We will expand upon all of these topics and give leaders tools to build out mentoring/coaching cultures in their relationships and in the organizations they lead.

Question: How will you intentionally invest today or this week in the life of someone important to you?

This is the heartbeat of Calibrate360.com.