Decisions are a vital part of  living a life of purpose, but how do we press beyond the though stuff and made great leadership decisions that will keep us, our organizations, and those we love and lead on track. How do we make good decisions? How do we weigh all of the factors in decision-making?

In this episode of the Calibrate Life Podcast, David and Donna discuss 6 Keys to Making Great Leadership Decisions. This discussion draws from many years of ministry experience, some of the difficulties we’ve faced, and how those things are related to exercising wisdom and incorporating godly counsel in taking decisive actions and calculated and God-honoring risks.

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Six Keys to Making Awesome Life and Leadership Decisions

When you have to make decisions in the midst of chaos it is difficult. Sometimes we find ourselves in difficult situations but we still have to decide direction. [1:00]

God places dreams in our hearts and those dreams ignite a passion within us. The transitioning of those dreams into reality always requires risk, some conflict, and a lot of leadership. Reckless risks are foolish, but calculated risks are necessary to visional fulfillment.

Decision-making is intuitive, but where does this “intuition” come from? [3:58]

Intuition is learned. It is an accumulation of scenarios, experiences, successes, and failures that mentally re-surface when making a decision. The “gut call” is supported by the experiences of our past. This is why experience, some “gray hair” if you will, is important. Either we rely on our own experience or we must seek counsel from those who have it.

Decision making structures. Decision-making structures include defined values, an administrative board, and leadership teams. [4:50]

Either we rely on our own experience or we must seek counsel from those who have it. [7:00]

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Six Keys to Making Awesome Life and Leadership Decisions [13:43]

#1 First, understand the problem or situation. [13:50]

  • What events or circumstances made this decision necessary? [16:00]
  • What are the core issues, both surface and deep, in this situation? [17:45]
  • Is there a “key” to this situation that, if understood, will be valuable? [18:00]
  • Is my understanding of this situation complete?
  • Is there another side to this issue (and there usually is)? [19:15]

#2 Second, evaluate the “type” of issue or the category of the issue. [20:53]

Is this issue similar to one you have faced before but with different names and settings? Is this a unique situation that you’ve never faced before? Is it a situation that no one has ever faced before? Most decisions we face are simply adaptations of situations already faced. The more experience we gain the greater our “gut instincts” become. We are able to intuitively navigate these decisions because they feel like those we’ve made before.

#3 Third, understand what you must accomplish through the decision and why you need to accomplish the goal. [26:26]

[29:00] What Calibrate360 is about: Get in the Presence of God, a Passion will arise, a plan will emerge, and a Practice will result.

We are not building a plan of our own making, but we desire a divine plan. We desire transformational outcomes.

What does making decisions have to do with “pressing beyond the tough stuff and experiencing the joy of living, leading, and loving?” It is navigating the dreams God has given, making the right decisions, and gaining the right outcomes.

What Must You Accomplish Through this Decision? [34:00]

  • What are the minimum conditions that the decision must satisfy?
  • What is a win and what is a loss?
  • What outcomes must we achieve for this to be considered a good decision?

What about leaders who seem to manipulate decision-making processes with the “God card?” [39:36]

Immature spiritual leaders sometimes begin discussions with “God told me.” We call this the “God card”. When you play the “God card” right away you shut down dialogue and team engagement. Such a practice typically shows poor leadership in utilizing the gifts God has invested in your team. David and Donna have a lengthy conversation about this topic at [39:36].

Next Week in Episode 018, the Conversation Continues…

Coming Next Week in Episode 018 of the Calibrate Life Podcast as we continue our discussion about making great leadership decisions:

  • The fourth step in effective decision-making is focusing on what is right and not what is merely acceptable. 
  • Fifth, is taking action. 
  • The sixth step in decision-making is evaluation.

We look forward to visiting with you again next week in the Calibrate Life Podcast!