072 – Living and Leading a Legacy Life

We want to live a legacy life and lead from a legacy mentality. This means living and leading in such a way as to lay foundations for buildings others will build, cutting paths fo others walk, and making investments for the next generation to spend. In this episode, David and Donna talk about the motivation of legacy leadership and the desire to “mature” rather than just get old and the “right now” life necessary to aim toward getting “better” instead of “bitter.”

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071 – How to Develop Leaders and Make Disciples

We’ve identified 4 stages or levels of leadership development: Inspiration, Ignition, Insight, and Implementation. These four areas focus upon spiritual life, developing the right passions, gaining the skills and tools necessary, and taking action. We must make a personal investment as leaders lifting leaders, but how do we do that and what is a good development path for growing a core leadership team? In this episode of Calibrate Life, David and Donna discuss these four stages of the path to developing leaders.

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070 – Our Transition, Letting Go, and “Losing” Our Identity

This week was a huge transition for us. We’ve contemplated a major transition for a couple of years and planning it for several months and we just crossed the threshold of exiting the safe and secure roles we’ve held for a long time so we can pursue our great adventure in earnest.

In this episode David and Donna have a discussion about how the transition feels, letting go of what is behind, facing the challenges of letting go of a well established “identity,” and candidly discussing the things ahead.

This is an episode of reflection of recent transitional events in David and Donna’s life and leadership, so there are no episode notes. Tune in next week for a more structured episode complete with notes or check out some of our previous podcasts on this blog site.

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