151- Grieving the Death of “Normal”

151- Grieving the Death of “Normal”

We’ve heard people talking about a “new normal” or “when things get back to normal.” It occurred to us that sometimes “normal”  gives way to a new reality full of purpose, hope, and opportunity. Having lived through a deep grief process, we’ve simply recognized a grief process at work in the world around us. In this episode we are talking about “Grieving the Death of Normal.” 

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In today’s podcast we want to focus on opportunities. 
This fully hit home to me about a month ago on a zoom call with a leader. I could see the weariness in his eyes and we talked about it. 

  • Transitions and change are always difficult. 
  • We’ve been in an increasing time of discontinuous change for about 2 decades, or more. Change used to be more predictable, but it continues to lack continuity. The change in our lives for the past couple of decades has included unpredictability. 

I recognized the weariness in this leader and it began to settle in on me for the first time that we are grieving the death of normal. (CONTINUE FOR THE REST OF THE ARTICAL)

150 – The Power of Saying “Yes” to Adversity

150 – The Power of Saying “Yes” to Adversity

Embracing adversity, being willing to say “yes” to the tough stuff gives us new lenses to see things differently, it exercises atrophied muscles needed for new adventures and callings, and it deconstructs our inferior plans to make way for God’s excellent plans. In this episode we talk about saying “yes” to adversity in expectation of the joys ahead.

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Yesterday, I found myself being thankful for the Covid-19 disruption. I was taken by surprise by my sudden fondness. Why? Because I got a glimpse of the positive, of God’s hand working us through adversity. I got a fresh look at our partners and their tenacity as God emboldens them and carves new paths for them. 

I liked the world the way it was. I did not want the world to change. I liked fundraising the way it was pre-Covid, not to say it won’t go back. I liked the way the world and the markets functioned pre-Covid. I have moments of wanting to run back to the pre-adversity ways.  (Continue for the rest of the article…)


100 – Our Story

Our Story

We all have a story, the way God has revealed himself to us and through us. Your story is uniquely yours, yet, people recognize their story in yours. In this episode we will share the stories that have shaped our lives, and encourage you to know and anchor in your story.

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096 – How to (Not) Encourage Those Who Grieve

How to (not) Encourage Those Who Grieve

The grief process is a journey and not a finish line, in fact, depending upon the depth of the relationship with lost loved one, we never “get over it”, but we can be healthy and whole. In this episode of the Calibrate Life podcast, we talk about how to encourage those we love as they journey through grief. 

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086 – Friends: Why You Need Friends, How to Find Friends, How to Make Friends, How to Keep Friends

Making Friends

We need friends. Life and leadership is about people. It is about relationships. You cannot be emotionally healthy in a vacuum. Most of us only have a few friends, people we can count on, people with whom we are doing life. In fact, if you have one or two, you are blessed. A lot of people don’t have any intimate friends. In this episode we explore the importance of friends in overcoming depression, how to find friends, make friends, and strengthen our connection to them.

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067 – Adversity Makes it Possible for Life to be a Great Adventure

067 – Adversity Makes it Possible for Life to be a Great Adventure

An adventure is an exciting or very unusual experience, one that is  bold and risky. If the outcomes are certain, it is not an adventure. If you already know what you will see, encounter, and navigate it is not an adventure. Adversity grows us, prepares us, and emboldens us to live an adventurous life. We’ve decided that one of the criteria for the paths we will choose in the future–it MUST be an adventure. 

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As our friends know, we are in major transition… still! Everything has been changing in our lives for over 5 years and everything continues to morph into something new. This journey began with the loss of our spouses. It began in pain and progressed to travail. Foundational to my life are three decisions I made up front in the grief process. #1 – I will be whole again no matter what it takes. #2 – I choose to believe that good things are going to happen in my future that would not have happened without this tragedy happening first. #3 – The pain of this journey cost too much to waste, I will make a difference through this pain. (more…)