A Family Christmas Communion Guide

Family Christmas Communion Guide

One of the Christmas traditions of our family is sharing family communion together on Christmas Eve or Christmas morning. I prepared this guide, at the request of my daughter Kelly, who is now the lead pastor of a church, and who has a desire to encourage the people of her church in this tradition. We hope this guide will assist those desiring to share the Lord’s Supper with their families, but may not know how to approach it. This is simply the way we’ve done it. (more…)

100 – Our Story

Our Story

We all have a story, the way God has revealed himself to us and through us. Your story is uniquely yours, yet, people recognize their story in yours. In this episode we will share the stories that have shaped our lives, and encourage you to know and anchor in your story.

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099 – Persistence is the Path to the Best Places

Persistence is the path to the best placesSmall things done consistently over a long period of time will produce above-and-beyond results. We’ve learned some lessons about persistence in recording 99 episodes, and in this episode of the Calibrate Life Podcast we will discuss the power of persistence.

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