029 – Living and Leading Out of a Prophetic Vision

If you are a Christ following leader, whether in ministry or in the marketplace, you are called to do something more than simply make a living or build commerce. You are called to be a transformational leader. If you are a Christ follower, no matter your leadership arena, you are about the heartbeat of the Father. You are a transformational leader. You are called to make a difference in the lives of the people you love and lead.

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Your Words Are Imperfect and Inadequate – Write Them Anyway

Communicating the Heart of a Prophetic Vision

I’ve always had a lot of unique thoughts, and I’ve written millions of words in my lifetime. In fact, I’ve written almost a million words in my journal since 2012. I’ve only published a fraction of those words, which is a good thing, but I should have published a lot more of them.

One of the things that has kept me from publishing more of my work is the feeling that I need to know more before I publish something. I am a thinker and I usually feel my thoughts on a matter need to mature more before I make them public. I often hesitate because I may later discover I was wrong, I may change my mind, or someone may call me out and prove me wrong, at least in their mind?

I have to write anyway. I have to express the prophetic revelation as I see it, the revelation as it was given me. My revelations, like everyone else’s, are imperfect because we look as though through a veil or a darkened glass. What we see in our humanity is but a fraction of reality and truth. The only revelation I have is what I see, the one I’ve been graciously given.

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