121 – Lessons From the Great Adventure: It’s Mostly About YOUR Transformation

The lesson and the miracle of your great adventure is the transformation God works in YOU on the journey. I’m not even sure the most important thing is getting to the top of the mountain. I think the most important thing is experiencing God’s love and learning to accept and embrace his love and confidence in us, and learning to let the results of our great adventure to rest ultimately in the hand of God…and to be at peace with that.

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120 – Lessons From the Great Adventure: The “Push” Solidifies Your Resolve

When you get to a tough place you have to push, but the push is important because it builds a necessary resolve within you. “Pushing” through the hard places solidifies your resolve to fulfill your mission. In this episode of the podcast we discuss one of the greatest lessons we’ve learned on our great adventure… the importance of having to push.

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119 – The Great Adventure: It Will Seem Impossible!

The Great Adventure Feels Impossible

Great Adventures involve the impossible — otherwise it wouldn’t be a great adventure. Trusting God for the impossible stretches us to new levels and intensifies our trust in God. We cannot let the things that seem impossible to us keep us from trusting God in our disciplined pursuit of his adventure for our lives. In this episode of Calibrate Life, we continue to discuss things we’ve learned on our great adventure and the necessity to embrace the impossible.

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113 – Learning the Unforced Rhythms of Grace

You are not the only one who often feels overwhelmed, it goes with the calling to Spiritual Leadership. I’m not sure the overwhelming feeling toward an impossible and undoable task ever goes away, but the rest comes in trusting God to accomplish through us what we could never accomplish without his help. 

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106 – I Have Decided… All In

I have decidedUntil we have decided what we really do believe and live life “as if” we believe it, we will not make great progress toward our great adventure or the life we really want to live. Sooner or later we have to decide what we believe to be the truth and anchor in it. In this article and episode of Calibrate Life, we discuss being “all in” with the ways we choose to invest our lives.

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103 – Discovering the Unanticipated Consequences of Your Mission

Unintended Consequences of Our MissionSomeday, at the end of your journey, you will look back at the mission you passionately pursued, and you will realize there were a lot of unanticipated consequences. In this episode we discuss some things we are learning about how we all can better position ourselves to live and lead in such a way as to give room for the unanticipated consequences of pursuing our mission. 

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