057 – Life Transitions and Leaps of Faith: An Interview with David Stewart, Jr.

The big leap

Taking a leap of faith sounds exciting, but when we enter the reality of life transitions and have to wait we grow anxious and start to doubt our decisions and directions. In this episode, David and Donna interview David Stewart, Jr. about a life transition he began a few years ago when they took a big leap. He shares what he and his wife Lisa learned as they waited for all the right doors to open over a period of a year.

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056 — Overcoming the Anxiety from Your Leap of Faith

Every major life change is accompanied by chaos and anxiety. How can you manage the chaos, stress, and anxiety that comes with exciting new adventures or with the change of unexpected or undesired changes or tragedies? Even in our day to day lives just simply trying to accomplish something of significance, chaos and stress are a part of the equation. Why is that and how can we manage the chaos and anxiety and stay focused on joyful living?

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044 – The Power of a Grateful Heart… Especially When You Don’t Feel Like it!

The Power of Gratitude

Gratitude is being appreciative of a kindness or a benefit received. It is not about being randomly thankful for every single occurrence in life, but rather, it is an acknowledgement for the things we appreciate. Therefore, the focus is not necessarily thankfulness for the sake of thankfulness, but gratitude for the overall context of blessing in our lives.

Gratitude anchors us in the positive side of life. Gratitude defines our joy.

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