086 – Friends: Why You Need Friends, How to Find Friends, How to Make Friends, How to Keep Friends

Making Friends

We need friends. Life and leadership is about people. It is about relationships. You cannot be emotionally healthy in a vacuum. Most of us only have a few friends, people we can count on, people with whom we are doing life. In fact, if you have one or two, you are blessed. A lot of people don’t have any intimate friends. In this episode we explore the importance of friends in overcoming depression, how to find friends, make friends, and strengthen our connection to them.

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085 – Simplicity. Simply Communicating the Complex

simplicitySimplicity is making things simple and keeping things simple. When things get too complicated we lose track, we get bogged down, cluttered, and we don’t accomplish much. My problem is that complicated things fascinate me. We’ve got to stay committed to moving complexity into simplicity, finding the simple truths in things, and keeping the main thing the main thing.

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081 – Living Joyfully Through Embracing Humility

Experiencing joy through humility

Living a joyful life requires learning to embrace humility, considering others above ourselves, and embracing God’s mission for our lives as our definition of success. Making a commitment to live joyfully does not mean that you feel joy all the time, or life becomes this wonderful ever-joy-filled journey. It is a determination to find the paths and ways of joyful living, applying them, and experiencing a joyful life prompted by who we are and our choices. In this episode we continue to discuss the path of joy as revealed in the New Testament book of Philippians.

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077 – Navigating and Leading Chaos

Lead the chaos

Whether we initiate the chaos or it spontaneously erupts, we’ve got to give leadership to the chaotic state of things. We’ve got to navigate through the chaos. Leaders sometimes lead through spontaneous chaos that just happened, and at other times, we actually initiate chaos to transition from our present reality to our desired future. In this week’s episode, David and Donna discuss when to initiate chaos and how to appropriate lead through chaos.

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073 – Do You Want to Know the Plan of God or the Path of God?

following God's Path and Plan

There is a difference, yet a connection between the PLAN of God and the PATH of God for our lives. We’ve spent a lot of energy recently striving to discern the PLAN of God for our lives, but we are learning that discerning and finding the plan of God for our lives is not nearly as important as finding and walking the PATH of God for our lives.

In this episode David and Donna talk about the difference between the path of God and the plan of God and how sometimes we only need to follow the path. 


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060 – Discover Your Purpose at the Intersection of Passion, Proficiency, & Pain

060 – Discover Your Purpose at the Intersection of Passion, Proficiency, & Pain

Discover your purpose and the value you are to contribute to the world. In this episode we discuss your purpose zone discovered at the intersection of passion, proficiency, and the pain in the world you are compelled to resolve.  (more…)