118 – The Great Adventure: You Will Have a Learning Curve

Learning Curve

Every great adventure has a huge learning curve. Be ready to take it on, don’t be intimidated by it, because it’s only going to make you grow and make you better. In this episode of Calibrate Life, we discuss lessons we are learning on our great life adventure.

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113 – Learning the Unforced Rhythms of Grace

You are not the only one who often feels overwhelmed, it goes with the calling to Spiritual Leadership. I’m not sure the overwhelming feeling toward an impossible and undoable task ever goes away, but the rest comes in trusting God to accomplish through us what we could never accomplish without his help. 

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109 – Pushing Through the Pain to Realize the Promise

Push through the pain to realize the promiseLife and leadership is a cycle of embracing a passion, pushing through the pain of reality, and then realizing the promise. There is always tough stuff to press through. How do we keep the joy and enjoy the journey while pushing through the realities that lead to the promise? In this episode, we talk about the place on our journey where we have to push through the part we don’t always want to do because it will take us to the place we want to be.

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101 – Sharpen Your Focus to Increase Effectiveness

We must sharpen our focus to increase our effectiveness, but so many things vie for our attention. In this episode we are going to talk about achieving the FOCUS necessary for forward movement in our lives. 

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A Family Christmas Communion Guide

Family Christmas Communion Guide

One of the Christmas traditions of our family is sharing family communion together on Christmas Eve or Christmas morning. I prepared this guide, at the request of my daughter Kelly, who is now the lead pastor of a church, and who has a desire to encourage the people of her church in this tradition. We hope this guide will assist those desiring to share the Lord’s Supper with their families, but may not know how to approach it. This is simply the way we’ve done it. (more…)

091 – Learning to Catch the Wind

We have to be strategic and we must seek divine strategy, but we have found, and are finding, that following the wind of the Spirit and catching God’s current isn’t about clarity for the entire journey, but it is finding the trust to start. In this week’s episode of the Calibrate Life Podcast, David and Donna talk about pushing out into the current.

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