116 – Three Vital Relationships Every Leader Must Have: A Friend to Walk With You

Every healthy and growing spiritual leader needs three specific types of relationships in their lives. We need a “Paul” who will mentor us, a “Barnabas” who will encourage and challenge us, and a “Timothy” into whom we are investing as a mentor or spiritual leader. 

In last week’s episode 115 we discussed the importance of a mentor relationship and some ideas on how to engage a mentor. This week we progress to “part 2” as we discuss embracing the “encouragers” in our lives. 

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115 – Three Vital Relationships Every Leader Must Have: The Mentor

Finding a Mentor

Every leader must have three vital relationships to succeed. We need a “Paul,” someone to mentor us. We need a “Barnabas,” someone to walk with us in honesty as a friend and accountability partner. We must find “Timothies,” those in whom we invest as a mentor and a leader. In this episode we discuss the first of those relationships: Finding and being a mentor to those we are called to love and lift.

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114 – Who Are Your People?

We have to find our people, our tribe, because the mission to which God has called us requires a team. For us it is about the people with whom we will partner in a big way or a small way to accomplish the mission God has given us together. 

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113 – Learning the Unforced Rhythms of Grace

You are not the only one who often feels overwhelmed, it goes with the calling to Spiritual Leadership. I’m not sure the overwhelming feeling toward an impossible and undoable task ever goes away, but the rest comes in trusting God to accomplish through us what we could never accomplish without his help. 

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112 – The Vision Funnel: Moving Your Big Picture to Reality

Vision FunnelA vision funnel will keep you focused on converting the big picture things in your life, the things important to you because they are things God has called you to do, a vision funnel will help you convert your “big picture” into every day reality. In this episode we give the basics of using a vision funnel to move your big picture dreams into reality.

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111 – Can’t Get Your Work Done? Routines Increase Effectiveness

routines increase effectivenessRoutines increase your effectiveness. We make hundreds of decisions a day, but if you pre-decide the things you do over and over again, you will conserve a lot of energy you could devote to other things, you will not suffer as much from decision fatigue, and you will more efficiently get your work done. Then you can rest better and get to some of the things that recharge you.

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